November Suggestion Box

Suggestion: Label the weight on the end of each aerobic bar. That's a great idea! We'll see what we can come up with.

Comment: Just wanted to give a positive 'shout out' to Amber. She is terrific! I mentioned I'd like a box of maple protein bars and that you were out. She ordered them and remembered to put a box away for me. She is a real gem and I appreciate her. I totally agree. She's doing an amazing job as our front office manager!

Focus Quest

A few weeks ago I blogged about keeping things simple. Simplicity is going to be one of my personal quests over the next year. I think most people need to purge the clutter out of their lives, reduce complication, and get back to basics. I know, easier said than done, but I find that doing something as simple as cleaning my garage seems to make me feel lighter and less bogged down. Ultimately, by simplifying my life I'm striving for something which is going to be another of my personal quests over the next year — FOCUS.  

Keeping You Posted!



Our newest Yoga/Pilates Monday Class combines 20 minutes of Pilates with 30 minutes of yoga — a great class for building core strength and increasing mobility! 

On Monday, November 13th, we'll begin another year of our Precision Nutrition Coaching Program.  I'll be joining this group for my third time through this amazing 12-month program. A fad diet program this is not. PN is a habit-based nutrition program in which we'll work on a new nutrition habit every 2 weeks. If you're looking to change the way that you eat forever, PN is the right call! We're looking for 20 clients to take this journey with us. Sign up by November 10th!

January 8 will mark the beginning of our 7th year of Skinny Jeans Body Design. SJBD is our longest Skinny Jeans program of the year — 16 sweaty weeks that just might change your life! Super early-bird registration began October 16 and ends October 31. Be sure to check out our Skinny Jeans page!

Looking for a Skinny Jeans sampler? We'll be doing Skinny Jeans Holiday 4-week mini-courses from November 27 to December 20. Be sure to check it out on our Skinny Jeans page to get your spot reserved! Get 4 weeks for just $160!

Our Row • Run • Ride October Challenge has been a lot of fun and it's not too late to give it a try! Don't worry about turning in a world-class time, just finish the course, write down your name, date, and total time to complete all 3 machines and you'll be entered in our November 1st drawing!

Lastly, if you haven't brought in a buddy yet this month, please do! Simply ask a friend, co-worker, or family member to join you for an awesome workout at Adamson's! 


For a more extensive breakdown of what's going on at Adamson's, be sure to pick up our newsletter — you'll find them on the front counter.  See you in the gym!

6 Great Reasons to Take skinny jeans body design!

Adamson's Peak Performance begins it's 7th annual 12-week Skinny Jeans Challenge on Monday and Tuesday, August 28th, 29th! Over the years hundreds of women have successfully taken the Challenge. The Challenge is effective not because it contains some magic element, but rather because it contains 5 elements which, when activated by a liquid called sweat, works synergistically to transform the body!

It's Just You, or Is It?

When it comes to fitness, you're not competing with your best friend, or the girl next to you in Body Blast class, or anybody else. You're just competing against yourself as you strive to become a stronger, healthier, fitter, more complete person. You should be trying to be just a little better each week, each month, each year. Don't try to be perfect - just a little bit better.

Going All Out! Good or Evil?

I love the concept. Going really hard feels so good but it can't be at the expense of form and control. If you're training so hard that you're out of control, you're asking for trouble. An expert mountain biker can literally pedal down a mountain side, flying over rocks and roots, yet remain in total control of his bike and body - absolutely amazing! For a novice, this would be disastrous, possibly fatal.