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2018 skinny jeans challenge

August 27 to November 16 — 12 Weeks! 

SKINNY JEANS IS 100% SOLD OUT!  Our 16-week Skinny Jeans Body Design will begin on January 7th. Early registration will begin mid-October or November 1.  Please watch for details!

Our 8th annual Skinny Jeans Challenge begins August 27th! Our challenge to you is to lose 2 jean sizes in just 12 weeks! That's right — you can be two sizes smaller, much leaner, and look stunning in just 12 weeks with our Skinny Jeans formula!

Exercise research has shown that a combination of strength training, metabolic conditioning, and modified nutrition is a far more effective way to reshape and transform your body than dieting alone, cardio alone, or even diet and cardio combined!

Our Skinny Jeans Challenge not only includes all three of these crucial components, but it also includes small group personal training, as each group of 6–9 women is trained and coached by an Adamson's Peak Performance personal trainer. You don't have to do it alone any longer!

Sculpt muscle, turbocharge your metabolism, incinerate fat, transform your physique, and LOSE TWO JEAN SIZES! Take the 2018 Skinny Jeans Challenge.

Don't miss out —  these classes sell out quickly! 
Register online, by phone (221-8006) or in person today. 

Don't want your grandma's body? Click here to learn why EVERY woman should be strength training!

class times — Skinny Jeans Challenge

Program Description




Skinny Jeans Challenge
(6-9 women)
$160/mo. 6:00 am, T/Th Call For Wait List
Skinny Jeans Challenge
(6-9 women)
$160/mo. 8:30 am, M/W Call For Wait List
Skinny Jeans Challenge
(6-9 women)
$160/mo. 10:00 am, T/Th Call For Wait List
Skinny Jeans Challenge
(6-9 women)
$160/mo. 5:00 pm, T/Th Call For Wait List
Skinny Jeans Challenge
(6-9 women)
$160/mo. 5:30 pm, M/W Call For Wait List
Skinny Jeans Challenge
(6-9 women)
$160/mo. 6:00 pm, T/Th Call For Wait List!

Slide into your favorite jeans!  

Get an unbeatable body with our trademark Skinny Jeans programs.

Our physique transformation programs are for women only and deliver serious results!  In each of our three annual Skinny Jeans programs, six to nine women train together under the watchful eye of an Adamson's Peak Performance personal trainer. The programs are designed to build fat-burning muscle and burn unwanted body fat, sculpting a strong, beautiful body. 

Each program includes

  • A nutrition program and guidance
  • Training manual
  • Gym membership for the duration of the program,  and
  • Unlimited additional Team Training metabolic fat-burning workouts

Programs are eight, twelve, and sixteen weeks long and are held in the fall, winter, and spring. Call (530) 221-8006 for specific times and dates and to reserve your ideal class time!

“There were days I didn’t feel like going to class but I was determined to not give in and made it through. The nutrition classes have been amazing and have helped me tremendously, along with the encouragement I get from the staff at Adamson’s. I now feel I’m on the right path to a healthier life. I hope my transformation will inspire others to do the same!”
— Tina Guadagni, Lost 15 lbs. and counting at Adamsons
Incredible Results

”As owner of two businesses, I never felt I had the time to exercise. Now I work my schedule around my workouts so I can have the energy and strength to handle the stresses of the day...

... They don’t accept excuses for eating lousy or not giving 100%. Adamson’s has helped me redefine my life!

— Lori Hammers