The Word is Out


Well, we broke our silence and the word is out:  Adamson's Peak Performance is opening Redding's first fitness-only boxing/kickboxing studio! Yes, other gyms have had  programs now and then with boxing or kickboxing; but PUNCH Fitness is an entire exercise studio dedicated to getting ordinary people into extraordinary shape using the type of training techniques and routines that fighters have been successfully using for years!

Don't worry, we won't have you chasing chickens like Rocky Balboa—not yet, anyway (that may be phase 2 of our plan)! Additionally, you need not worry about getting clobbered by Mr. T! We won't be doing any sparring or fighting—only awesome, fat-incinerating, body-shaping workouts that burn an average of 325-450 calories per 30-minute workout! 

Our PUNCH Fitness System gives you  two distinct workout routines, each with hundreds of potential workout variations! With our PUNCHLine workouts you'll move through a series of punching bags using different striking and kicking combinations on each bag! With PUNCHPlus workouts you'll be taken through an intense interval training session utilizing our amazing FocusMaster machines!  

The word is out. PUNCH Fitness has arrived.



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