Slow Down, You're Moving Too Fast

SLOW DOWN, YOU’RE MOVING TOO FAST.  If you don’t remember this phrase it’s because you’re too young to remember Simon and Garfunkel’s famous song “Feeling Groovy”.  Well, the song may have been referring to life but it’s got great application to strength training!

Unless an exercise is designed to be done as a power movement (such as a kettlebell swing or power clean) it should be done slow and deliberate.  The downward or eccentric portion of a movement is every bit if not more important than the upward or concentric portion.  If you neglect the eccentric portion of an exercise by letting the weight free fall rather than controlling the descent you’ll be short changing your workouts and limiting potential results.

So, slow it down and don’t move too fast!  I like the 3-0-3 tempo which simply means that you lift to a 3-count and lower to a 3-count so that each rep will take 4-6 seconds.  Implement this into your workouts and the results will have you “Feeling Groovy”.