How do You Break out of Sedentarianism without Getting Broken


So you long to be fit and healthy again... You'd love to regain that lean, athletic, youthful body again, but every time you attempt to get a fresh start you end up worse off than when you started! Injuries happen when you launch into your fitness plan with too much ambition!

Whether it's starting off too intense, too long of workouts, too many days a week, or too high of expectations, the key problem is TOO much. Tame it down, man! It probably took you TOO many years to get into this bad of shape!

But that's just the first problem! While you were sitting on your rear for too many years muscle imbalances began to develop. Some muscles are too tight, some are too loose. Some muscles, take your glutes for example, don't even know how to fire anymore. Your musculoskeletal system has become completely dysfunctional while you lived in sedentarianism.

There's hope. You can break out. It won't be easy but then nothing worthwhile is. Stay tuned...Next time I'll share positive steps to functional fitness. You can do this!! Taking the first step is just that... the FIRST step.