Freshen Up


Sometimes we take refresher courses; we refresh our computer screen; we freshen up after work before going out; and yep, we freshen up our Team Training lineup about once a year! We still have our three majors — AfterBurn, Industrial Strength, Foundations, and Fit Lite but we're adding a sprinkling of other class types to spice things up a bit!  

Our Tuesday 6 AM Industrial Strength class format has been changed to more of a functional strength workout similar to our noon and evening IS classes. Our Thursday 6 AM class has been changed to Kettlebell (don't be intimidated, kettlebells come in light weights and the basic movements are not hard to learn).

We've shuffled the order of our 12:15 PM line-up: Our Friday 12:15 PM class will remain Foundations but will have a stronger emphasis on training the core. What used to be AfterBurn on Wednesdays at 6 PM is now Performance. Performance feels a bit like HS soccer practice: we'll run you through a variety of sports conditioning drills, calisthenics, etc.  and you'll like it (that is, if you liked HS soccer practice!).

Our lone Friday evening class at 5:30 PM will be changing to Spartan. What is Spartan? Come find out.  We have a loyal group of team training members who put off their weekend for one more hour and faithfully attend on Friday evening. Come join them for Spartan with Haven and you'll be sure to get a legendary workout!