Skinny Jeans Body Design is What the Name Implies

Adamson's Peak Performance launched the Skinny Jeans Challenge and Skinny Jeans Body Design in 2010. Now in its 5th year we've helped hundreds of women lose so many inches that Adamsons should be receiving monthly sponsorship checks from Macy's and all the other retailers in the area selling women's clothing! For that matter, Goodwill should also be loving us as I imagine many of the too-big-to-wear-anymore garments end up on their racks!

From my perspective, Skinny Jeans Body Design is fun, awesome, and one of the best things that Adamsons has ever done. The sense of satisfaction that the trainers and I get when we see women transform their bodies (sometimes even their lives) is huge. It fires me up. Kathy and I just finished the 39-page manual for the 2016 program beginning January 11th and we know that all the work will be worth it when we see bodies shaping, women smiling, husband's jaws dropping, and yeah, money being spent on new jeans!

Skinny Jeans Body Design is the real deal, not hype. It's not some magical diet, or six-minutes-a-day ab blaster routine. It's not the latest fad program taught by some online coach who happens to have awesome abs but no credentials. SJ Body Design WILL design a woman's body because it addresses all of the key elements necessary for  change — strength training, metabolic training, sports nutrition, proper supplementation, and training/coaching done by an Adamson's Peak Performance personal trainer! With that said, jump in — it's almost time to start! See you January 11th. 


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