November Suggestion Box

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Suggestion: Label the weight on the end of each aerobic bar. That's a great idea! We'll see what we can come up with.

Comment: Just wanted to give a positive 'shout out' to Amber. She is terrific! I mentioned I'd like a box of maple protein bars and that you were out. She ordered them and remembered to put a box away for me. She is a real gem and I appreciate her. I totally agree. She's doing an amazing job as our front office manager!

Suggestion: There were four suggestion box entries alluding to a desire to have self defense offerings. We are currently reviewing various options, researching, and in the early planning stages for introducing self-defense programming. Stay tuned!

Suggestion: Hoping to see Thursday 4:15 PM put back on the schedule. In order to keep a Team Training class we need a reasonable degree of participation from members — like at least a 4-person/class average. The Thursday class was getting 0–2 participants. The current 4:15 PM Tuesday class is getting 0–2 and is on the chopping block if we don't see an increase in interest. We do however, offer 8 more TT classes compared to a year ago, plus a Pilates and a yoga class! Check them out here.

Suggestion: Different size/weight of sand bags. There isn't enough variance currently, I'd agree. We'll take inventory early next year as to our functional equipment needs and consider some additional sandbags.

Suggestion: Loved the pre/post natal class but the premium price on top of the Team Training membership made it expensive. Yes, I agree. The original intent of the prenatal pricing structure was for small group training similar to our squad training.  'm sorry to have to say that we won't be offering the classes at this time. Holly has moved on to full time marketing employment. It was the best thing for her at this time in her life, and we wish her all the best!

Suggestion: How about a 'guy' shirt with a muscle car and with flexing biceps on the reverse side.  Hmm, I'll have to think about that one. Maybe a special edition shirt which correlates with Kool April Nites... I'm not making any promises.

Feel free to add your suggestions and comments!  
The suggestion box is on the bar counter near the drinking fountain.

Hey guys, keep those suggestions coming! We appreciate the insight from you all! Thanks!