New Team Training Refresh Coming February 27th!


One of the many things that sets Adamson's Peak Performance apart is that we seldom shy away from change. Change in life is constant. There are few constants, but change is one of them! It's been about two years since we've done a refresh on the Team Training program and this time we're REALLY changing, refreshing, and upgrading it!

Here's a sneak peak at what's coming to Peak on Monday, February 27th:

  1. We're increasing the number of Team Training classes from 25 to 32!
  2. We're going to better tier the class types so that we'll actually have four fitness level tiers - senior fitness, beginner (level 1) fitness, intermediate (level 2) fitness, and a brand new advanced (level 3) fitness category!
  3. We're renaming all of the class categories. We loved the old names, but we're refreshing, remember? We are only revealing one of the names today!
  4. To add even more variety and value to your Team Training buck we're adding three Punch Fitness classes to the Team Training line-up!
  5. We're introducing a level 3 class - BEAST.  Beast won't be for everyone. You may want to consult with Jordan, Amy, and/or your physician before participating. Attempting to drive immediately after taking a Beast workout could be hazardous. I will be watching Beast, possibly assisting with first aid.

Ok, so there's a tid bit of what rolls out on February 27th.  That's not all - I just wanted to wet your appetite!