Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions — Ken Blanchard

Thanks so much for the continuation of suggestions! We want Adamson's to be a training center that meets your needs!

Suggestion: A decline bench with an actual DECLINE! Wow! Last time I checked our decline bench declined just fine!  Are you trying to hang upside down?  The bench we have is designed for pressing, not necessarily for abdominal work.  With a growing wish list, it'll likely be awhile.

Suggestion: Fix or replace the rubber 30 lb medicine ball please.  Done.

Suggestion: Please have AC/DC music every time!  Hmmm.  Well, I think our music playlist is improving.  We're still working on it.  How about some John Denver?  

Suggestion: We could use a peg board.  OK, we'll keep that in mind.  I've considered it in the past.  It would be somewhat limited as far as the number of members who would make use of it but it might be cool.  I'll keep it in mind.

Comment:  Pat yourself on the back.  Look what you have created.  Well Done.  Thanks so much.  We hope to go much further!

Suggestion: I think that yoga classes would be a nice addition to this gym.  I do to.  They weren't well received when we used to offer them.  For the time being, our partial answer to this need is something that we will roll out in a couple weeks.  We'll announce it very soon.

Comment:  I love my gym!  Awesome!  That is what we work very hard to hear!

Suggestion: Please order more sweatshirts (chic new ones) in 2XL.  I'm not sure if this suggestion came in before or after or sweatshirts arrived.  I believe that we have one or two in 2XL still.  It'll likely be next season at this point as I don't like sweatshirt inventory left over during the long summer months.