Want More? You Got It!

Sometimes less is more.  But, it the case of our new and improved Team Training Program, more is more! Generally we all like more, right?  More time, more strength, more space, more money, and more sunshine - they're all pretty welcome! 

We didn't see why Team Training should be any different.  So, we're bringing you more! More workouts, more workout times, more levels of workouts, more variety of workouts, more included in the workouts, and in some cases, longer workouts!

Basic Training

Level 1 - Basic Training is a great place to start if you're just beginning your exercise journey or coming back after a period of time off.

Body Blast

The Level 2 - Body Blast workouts can be used as a stand alone workout program or as the perfect metabolic/aerobic compliment to more strength-based workouts such as our Skinny Jeans and Small Group Personal Training workouts.


Level 3 -  Don't say we didn't warn you...This class is for the brave, the risk takers, the "no pain, no gain" kind of person. Ok maybe that's a bit extreme, but this class will have you wishing for an ice bath when you're done!


Level 1 & 2 - Brand new to Team Training! This class will incorporate punch fitness into a team training dynamic where you can punch your adrenaline out!

Fit Lite

Senior Fitness - Fit Lite is awesome for seniors, brand new beginners, and folks coming off of an injury.  Fit Lite is significantly less intense than Basic Training.

For you, this means more convenience, more fun, more choices, more progression, more motivation, more sweat, and more RESULTS!  It may also mean more flexibility, more mobility, and more recovery because we're adding mobility work to the workouts in which we've added more time! Click to view the new schedule

Wow!  So much more!  And, in addition to trying out more classes and getting in more better shape, we'd like you to do one more thing!  If you are a member, Pick up a few of our 1-Week of Free Team Training certificates at the front desk, give them to a friend or loved one, and help us get more amazing members like yourself.  If you've never tried us out or have been gone for awhile, click to sign up for your 1-week trial!

Yep, the more the merrier!