Good Advice from a Celebrity Trainer

personal trainer advice

Years ago I attended a seminar from celebrity trainer Juan Carlos Santana. Santana was working on his PHD at the time, and combined with his empirical knowledge from years of athletics, had the ability to design complex periodized training programs for elite level athletes. Nevertheless, even in his own training center in Boca Raton, FL, most of his clients were just normal people like you and I.

Santana related how that he'd gone full circle! From intricately designed training programs, he'd returned all the way back to the basics in his philosophy for his clients. His advice for his personal trainers: 1) Make the workouts fun, 2) Don't hurt my clients, and 3) use progression.

All three of these objectives are achieved in our new and improved Team Training program! Unless you just hate exercise, I think that you're going to find these workouts to be FUN! I saw some big smiles yesterday as members finished the classes! After Jordan taught our first-ever 40-minute Body Blast class, there were happy faces and talk of how the class felt tougher!

One of the key characteristics of our Team Training workouts is safety! We don't feel that our members come to class to get injured. It seems counter-productive to us, so we go to great lengths to keep the workouts safe. We now have warm-ups included in every class, and have added a stretching and mobility component to the new 40-minute classes.

Lastly, our improved Team Training program has an improved progression component. We've drawn a greater distinction between the Basic Training (level 1), Body Blast (level 2), and Beast (level 3) workouts. Each type of class is programmed to fit the fitness level for which it is targeted.

We hope that you'll take advantage of these fun, safe, and progressive workouts! We think that you're going to look, feel, and move better!

Be sure to check out the class schedule and sign up for a week trial of our team training classes!