Squad Training - Not Just the Economy Version of Personal Training!

What do you visualize when you hear the word 'personal training?'  When I started personal training in the early 90s, personal training was almost entirely one-on-one.  I honestly can't name a single other personal trainer doing business in Redding in 1993 when Kathy and I launched Adamson's Peak Performance.  My friend Sher Joss had pioneered personal training in Redding a few years earlier but wasn't training at the time (talk about fit - whoa!).

Very shortly after I started training, Carl Hamon (yes, the same amazing trainer that trains about a dozen clients a day up in Studio Z), opened Exercise for Life's Sake, another personal training studio here in Redding.  Carl was about 15 years ahead of the game because he immediately jumped into small group personal training as one of his primary products!

Fast forward to 2017 and small group personal training is blowing up!  It's changed the personal training industry by making personal training affordable to many more people.  At about a third of the price of one-on-one personal training, many clients choose to make personal training a part of their year-around exercise regimen, while others use it on a more temporary basis as a way to jump start their training or fine tune for an upcoming special event.

On April 3rd, Adamson's will launch our brand new Squad Training Program!  Yes it's true, squad training is definitely personal training's economy version; but it's much more than that!  Squad Training actually has some advantages over one-on-one, its older brother.  The word squad means a small group of people having a particular task.  As a squad member you will not only be accountable to your personal trainer, but also to your entire squad!  More importantly, that squad is going to energize you and encourage you work hard and never quit!

Our squads will focus primarily on what I feel is the most important component of adult fitness - building lean muscle, and building strength!  Because the squad size will be kept to no more than 6 clients, we will be able to introduce more complex movements and really hone in on technique and other fine details.  If you're not personal training, consider joining a squad.

For more information, talk to myself, Amy, or one of our APP trainers!  

Sign up for Squad Training today and take your training to the next level!