February/March Suggestion Box

Comment: Nice new TVs.  Impressive!  Continuing to improve things all the time.  

Thank you!  We think that the TVs are a big upgrade!  Thanks for putting up with the old ones.  It wasn't a switch that we'd planned on but when they all started failing at the same time we felt it was imperative. While we were at it, we switched to a completely different and much better TV audio system called AudioFetch which operates through an app.  I've heard that sometimes it takes a minute to download but once that's done it really works great!

Comment: Music!!!! I understand that music must be acceptable/appropriate for all.  However, upbeat and commercial free should be the minimal, especially during classes.  

Yes, it definitely needs to be upbeat and commercial free.  Sorry, I'm not sure how we slipped up and got a playlist with commercials.  We're up to our ears in projects and programs that we're rolling out over the next 2-3 months but we plan to REALLY jump on the music in the upcoming months.  We may have to just part from the Pandora playlists as they will sometimes unexpectedly throw in a slow song.

Suggestion: I attend the 6 AM class daily.  Is there any way we can have better music?  Today's best hits?  Something different? 

I will pass the word along and have our program director check on what playlists we're using at 6 AM Body Blast.  Also, please refer to my response to the previous comment.

Suggestion: More 9 AM and 10 AM classes.  

This suggestion likely came back in February.  As of February 27th, we've added a second 9 AM Team Training class.  We typically offer a Skinny Jeans class at 10 AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will likely do that again for the SJ Body Sculpt coming up in June.  Also, beginning April 4th we'll be offering a Squad Training Program ( six person max) at 8:30 AM on Tuesday/Thursday and have room for four more in that squad!  Note: The 8:30 squad requires an intermediate fitness level so you need at least a few months of training under your belt.  Please, please, please recruit for the Monday 9 AM Basic Training class!  I don't think folks know that we have it yet, and 3 has been our largest class!  We REALLY want to maintain and grow our 9 AM time but three per class isn't going to get it.  Our Friday 9 AM class has been strong.

Suggestion: Clean women's showers.  I've seen the same toothpaste stain on the shower wall for a month now!  

I'm very sorry that it hasn't been cleaner.  I checked our cleaning schedule and we clean the showers on MWF.  I suspect that the toothpaste may be a permanent stain on the tile.  Regardless, we're on it!  We're going to have you singing in the shower again!

Suggestion: Water upstairs please.  

At this point I guess that I'd suggest bringing a water bottle and filling it up with our filtered water before heading upstairs.  I just don't think that it'd be practical to be packing 5 gallon bottles of water upstairs, particularly given what we're already paying a considerable monthly rental fee for the filtered system downstairs.  We don't mind you walking through Studio Z to get to the refrigerated water fountains located upstairs on the far back wall - possibly you're not aware that there are 2 refrigerated drinking fountains located there.

Suggestion: Chealsey and Beth would like a couple of massage chairs for after workouts.  

Not a bad idea, so would I!  Not on this year's to-do list but massage is valuable and having it available at a training center makes perfect sense.  Massage is a great tool for recovery and overall health.

Suggestion: Maybe incorporate a 5 minute cool down/stretch to team training classes.  

Yep, with our new Team Training refresh which started February 27 we've done just that in several of our classes.  The response has been great so we'll likely add stretch to more of them in the future!


Thank you for the suggestions and keep them coming!


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