Squad Training - It'll Change the Way You Look, Feel, and Move!

Adamson's Peak Performance launches it's new Squad Training Program on April 3rd. Squad Training is 4-6 clients receiving personal training as they strive toward a common purpose of getting in peak shape. More specifically, they'll be striving to gain muscle and strength.

Muscle is metabolically active tissue. The more muscle that you have, the more calories that you burn. Have you noticed that it gets harder to stay lean as you age? Aging bodies decrease in muscle mass with age - about a pound a year if my memory serves me right. If you want to be able to enjoy eating without gaining fat, you'd best be pumping iron.

A body void of muscle isn't a healthy body. Muscle makes the body look strong and athletic. It gives the body definition, shape, and curves. Muscle protects our joints from injury and makes everyday life easier. Most women do not need to worry about gaining too much muscle. Their hormonal make-up prevents their muscles from becoming big and bulky.

As we add muscle to our bodies, we gain strength. Women can get significantly stronger with minimal increase in muscle size. Men and women alike need strength for daily living. Over the years I've noticed that most of my client's back pain decreased when they began strength training. 

Strength training, lifting weights, pumping iron - whatever that you choose to call it, is body transforming! I believe that strength training is the fastest way to transform the way that you look. It doesn't take long, consistency is key. Use caution though, it is addicting. I started at age 16 and for the most part I've never quit - that's 40 years baby. (I know, I just gave away my age - old.)

Turn back the clock! Want to look younger?  Lift.  It's not rocket science.  Lift weights to gain muscle, gain muscle to burn calories, burn calories to lose fat, lose fat to look younger. Along the way you're going to gain confidence, move better, feel phenomenal, and maybe even change your life. Don't laugh, I used to think that was a cheesy thing to say until I saw lives literally changed. Are you ready for all that goodness? I hope so!!!    

Squads are filling up fast! Reserve your spot today!