How to Incorporate Team Training into Your Exercise Plan

team training

We all want to get maximum results from our workouts.  Most of us have limited time and energy for exercise training and want to make every workout count!  With that said, how can our Team Training workouts be incorporated most effectively into your overall exercise plan?  Here's some ideas:

Option 1: Use Team Training as a stand alone program and do 2-5 Team Training workouts each week depending upon your fitness level, fitness goals, and available time.  These workouts will burn significant calories to help with fat loss or weight maintenance; increase aerobic capacity due to their high intensity/low rest nature; and assist with agility, balance, and functional strength.

Option 2: Use Team Training as the metabolic, cardiovascular exercise component of your exercise plan.  This is the option which we really recommend.  Team Training workouts will build strength and increase muscle mass but these aren't major objectives of Team Training.  Consequently we think that you'd be best served doing 2-3 strength-based workouts such as the ones that you would do in Skinny Jeans or Small Group Personal Training, along with 1-3 Team Training workouts each week.  For example, you might do a weight training workout on Monday and Thursday, and a Team Training workout on Tuesday and Friday.

Option 3: Use Team Training as an add-on supplement to your exercise plan.  For example, maybe you're a runner who does two weight training workouts, and 3-4 runs each week.  You could spice up your training and reduce some of the impact of running by substituting a Body Blast class for one of your weekly runs.

Ok, there's some thoughts on how to utilize these safe, fun, time-efficient, metabolic workouts! Be sure to pick the class type which best fits your fitness level.  If you're feeling like your body needs a less strenuous, "feel good" workout, there is nothing wrong with stepping down a class level from time to time.  Every workout doesn't have to be a killer!  Go easier, or drop down to Basic Training when your body needs a break.  Talk to myself, Amy (our fitness director), or any of our training staff if you want further clarification on how to best utilize these awesome workouts!

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