Squad Training Launches April 3rd!

With Team Training now expanded, refreshed, and supercharged, it's time for the next piece of our Adamson's Peak Performance makeover!  On April 3rd we will be rolling out Squad Training - a new and revised model of Small Group Personal Training.  I'm jacked about Squad Training because it takes small group personal training, which is an awesome concept, blows it up, and then rebuilds it, correcting the weaknesses that we found in it.

With Small Group Personal Training it was difficult for the trainer to prepare for the session because he/she might have a different group of people each time.  With Squad Training, the squad will consist of the same group of people.  This will make it much easier for the trainer to know his/her squad and have the proper regressions, progressions, and modifications prepared. This will also make it unnecessary to go online or stop at the front desk and schedule each session. You're automatically enrolled and will never be bumped!

Squad members will be better able to build camaraderie and a sense of Team. Seeing your teammates training hard will bring out a sense of competitiveness and help you to push harder and be more committed to yourself and your squad!

Progression is a vital component of exercise training. With Small Group Personal Training it was a bit difficult to build progression into the program. Workouts changed every week, and although progression was built into the workouts, it was more subtle; and I believe the progression lacked objectiveness and punch. With Squad Training we will rotate 2-3 workouts for a month at a time, as we also manipulate the other training variables of intensity, volume, rest and tempo.

Get ready for Squad Training! We're pumped! This will be the best thing to happen at Adamson's since our supercharged Team Training burst onto the scene 2 weeks ago. This APP makeover is a lot of work but it's also a lot of fun! We take our jobs very seriously. We have makeover programs and projects lined out to launch monthly all the way through June! Please stay tuned for weekly info rolling out on Squad Training in this blog, Facebook, and our newsletter emails!