More Suggestions, More Answers!

Suggestion: Twelve or thirteen pound dumbbells downstairs would be nice.  

Twelves are pretty scarce so we'll try to take care of that in the short-term future. In the meantime, the 10 pound pair on the dumbbell rack in front of the mirror is actually 12lbs because the handle weighs approximately 2lbs. So, if that pair is available, grab them!

Suggestion: Could Punch be free during the SJ Programs like the TT classes are?  

We recently merged Punch classes with Team Training and named them BoxFit (formerly PunchLine and PunchPlus).  They are now available to Skinny Jeans participants for no additional cost.

Suggestion: Thursdays @ 6 PM BoxFit is the only TT option leaving no group options for those who don't like boxing workouts.  Please consider providing a Basic Training or something else at that time.  

We're considering dropping the 4:15 PM Tuesday and Thursday workouts due to only one or two coming to each class.  If we do that we'll consider adding a later non-boxing TT class.

Suggestion: Can we please have Micki teach at least one Team Training evening class?

We'll take a look at it, anything is possible. Micki works full time as well as training for Adamsons so it's hard for her to get here.  She rocks.

Suggestions: Zip Sweatshirt with no hood with logo.  Kid size APP T's or sweaters.

OK, next fall we'll try to get some zips.  Kid's Ts would be very cool.  I'll look into it.

Suggestion: Saturday BoxFit class please!

I'd like to see our current BoxFit classes get established with a good following first. Our Saturday Punch Fitness class had to be discontinued awhile back due to lack of participation. We were getting only 0-2 participants per Saturday. We'll consider some open Punch studio time for Saturday so that you can get in there and get physical!

Comment: I love Adamsons. Thank you for everything you do for us.  

Thanks! We LOVE our members!

Keep the suggestions coming! I still have a few to catch up on! Can't guarantee I'll catch every one but I do REALLY, REALLY appreciate you guys taking the time to give us feedback. It's soooooooo valuable!