How to Integrate Squad Training into Your Exercise Master Plan

Today, Adamson's is rolling out our brand new Squad Training Program! Squad is 4-6 clients who train together twice a week, and are coached by one of our Adamson's Peak Performance trainers. Workouts are 40-50 minutes, focused primarily on gaining strength and muscle. With that said, below are some tips on how you might integrate squad training into your exercise plan:


1. Make Squad Training the foundation of your fitness training.  

Two strength training sessions/week should be the minimum number of weekly strength sessions. Personally I like at least three strength workouts. If you want more than two sessions, you can add an additional 3rd session on your own or consider doing an a la carte add-on of one more squad workout.  


2. With your two squad workouts as the foundation, the second step is to schedule 1-2 Team

Training metabolic workouts into the weekly plan. For example, if you're doing squad training on Monday and Wednesday, schedule a Team Training workout on Friday. If you want two metabolic workouts, do a Basic Training or Body Blast class on Tuesday and Friday.


3. Now that you've got your two squad strength workouts, and your 1-2 metabolic workouts planned, you've got your major bases cover.  

Now you can build in ancillary exercise if you wish. Maybe you do a 3-mile treadmill workout on Thursday; or go for a hike, or do a yoga class. And Saturday - maybe you dust off the tennis rackets and head to the park! Possibilities are endless. Don't forget to leave one day for total rest and recovery.


4. How you build your exercise plan will depend somewhat on your goals and your fitness level.

We're here to help you build that exercise prescription. One of Amy's roles as fitness director is to do just that. Please feel free to contact her at She'll help you design a plan that fits your goals, fitness level, available time, motivation level, and budget.  


5. Add in a Nutrition element to get the body you want!

Now, I fully realize that the majority of you want some fat loss/body composition change at the very least; and some of you want a major body transformation! So, do the guidelines above apply to you? Absolutely! You will however, need to add the most important component of all - the nutrition/eating plan! We've got you covered there with our Precision Nutrition Coaching Program. The guidelines in # 1-4 above will still apply! You'll simply need to add a structured eating plan.


For more information, or help building a personalized plan that's right for you please contact myself, Amy, one of our trainers, or one of our CSRs. We want to help you reach your fitness dreams and goals safely, efficiently, and quickly!  


Squads started today, April 3rd, but you can still sign up today to get into a squad last minute!