Coming Soon - A Hybrid Training Camp Like No Other.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Adamson's Peak Performance has programs and projects rolling out for months! In March, we did a huge refresh of our Team Training program, and on April 3rd we rolled out our brand new Squad Training program! Our refreshed Team Training program included an additional 7 workouts/week, increased length of select workouts, added mobility work to select workouts, and our first ever level 3 workouts which we named Beast. 

Our brand new Squad Training has had an exciting reception! The workouts have a much stronger strength training flavor than those of our previous small group training program. Squad Training gives our members an economical personal training option without compromising results!

So, after introducing a super sized Team Training Program in March, and a brand new Squad Training in April, we sure don't want to disappoint in May - and I don't think that we will! Adamsons isn't a training center interested in following the leader - we'd rather lead! For May, we're introducing a unique new hybrid training fitness camp called WARRIOR CAMP!

Warrior Camp will combine athletic strength training with fitness boxing/kickboxing! Seriously!  You'll lift like an athlete, and train like a fighter! This edgy camp will have your body wondering what happened! Your mind will be opened, your will tested, your muscles challenged, your body transformed, and your confidence renewed! 

WARRIOR CAMP is coming soon. Are you ready to be a WARRIOR?