May Suggestion Box

Suggestion: It's important that you speak with patrons when contracts are expiring and need to renew, rather than just sending an email and then letting the 'agreement' expire. It is frustrating.

Typically we do try to actually speak with our members when their membership is coming to an end rather than just make assumptions.  Unfortunately, details sometimes fall through the cracks.  We now have Amy Dendas working in the role of Program Director.  One of her primary roles as director is to make sure that each member is in the right program(s) to insure his/her optimal health and fitness success.  I apologize for the frustration incurred and hope that we can make it right!

Suggestion: Print out questionnaires and/or email to your clients/members asking what their preferred workout music is. Then take the most popular and play that during prime hours. If any answer is late 70's, make them do mandatory burpees - 3 sets of 20 before each workout!  

Wow!  OK, I know you didn't grow up in the 70's!  Harsh!  I like the questionnaire idea but I'm kinda licking my wounds right now!

Suggestion: Would love to see the gym open Sunday mornings.  

Well, if we expand weekend hours the first step would likely be to add Saturday afternoon hours. We experimented with later Saturday hours a couple years ago and found that we'd only have 2-4 members training between the hours of 1 PM and 4 PM and that's essentially why we cut our Saturday hours back.  Our current hours mirror those of many 'training gyms' around the country.  Adamsons is a 'training gym' versus a 'mainstream' gym.  Our membership number is roughly 20-30% that of a mainstream gym.  Logistically it becomes very hard to staff, light, and cool a 17,000 square foot building so that 2-4 members can train.  However, we'll continue to monitor demand.

Comment: I love this place! I feel like family here. I've been in every single gym in Redding and Anderson, even in this one when it was owned by another person. I didn't feel like I feel right now.  Here with all these amazing people, every one is sooo nice. They make me and my family feel like FAMILY!  

Thank you sooo much!  I'm incredibly pleased that you feel that way!  We want to be the gym where everyone knows your name and every member is treated with courtesy and professionalism!


Thank you for all the suggestions and comments! Keep them coming! This is how we know what to improve on and change as we continue on!

Joe Adamson