An Uphill Battle

One of my favorite fitness slogans is "Fitness is a Journey, not a Destiny". Yes, there are chapters in the journey, and we can split the journey into bitesize phases; but the journey never ends. It can seem difficult and discouraging at times. Remember - everything that is profitable and worth doing, is work - it's an uphill battle. As John Maxwell pointed out in a recent Moment with Maxwell, we often have downhill habits that keep us from being successful. We tend to want to go in the direction of least resistance.

So what downhill fitness habits do you need to work on? Do you skip workouts and head straight home after work? Do you fail to stretch and foam roll even though your back in killing you? Are you refusing to change your poor eating habits? Start correcting your downhill habits! Don't try to change them all at once - work on them one at a time. I'm working on my sleep habit by trying to get to bed regularly at 10. That way I'm up earlier so that I can be more productive and can even fit in a casual early morning walk with Kathy.

Embrace the challenge! Learn to wake up and look forward to the uphill fitness climb! Don't compare yourself with others. You're you. God made you the way you are. Try to be a little better every day. Walk into the gym like you're going into battle. At Adamsons, we've got your back!