Fear Not, We'll Keep You Cool!

by Joe Adamson

Here's a bonus suggestion box blog to get me caught up!

We're getting lots of suggestions!  That's great, keep them coming!  


Suggestion: I would like a 6 PM class on Thursday night besides BoxFit.  Beast! or Body Blast.  

We're aware that there's a few folks that would like an alternative.  Since the 6 PM time may not be quite as popular in the summer months, we hesitate to have two 6 PMs in one night.  Likely we'll roll out a solution around the beginning of September.  We're working on a solution.


Suggestion: Joe, I'm really going to need a couple more fans downstairs for summertime.  Thanks!

This sounds like a pretty serious situation!  Fear not, we'll keep you cool!


Suggestion: Please add ceiling fans over group workout area.  

We've been wanting one of those giant fans like they have at Cheesecakes ever since we moved into our space.  Problem being that the $7,500 price tag for purchase and installation hasn't been able to reach the top rung on the priority list!  For now, I think we'll have to take advantage of our eight - yes, you read that right - eight air conditioning units, and some floor fans.  But fear not, we'll keep you cool!


Suggestion: Open at 7 AM on Saturdays.  

We'll keep our ears open on this one to see how many folks could benefit.  If others are interested, maybe you could put a note in the box with your name.  It's not out of the question that we could do it seasonally - like over the summer.


Suggestion: Can you please install a hook in the woman's handicap stall?

Hooks are great!  You can never have too many hooks.  I think we can do that.  I'll take a look (when we're closed).


Comment: Not a thing!  Love this place!  Thanks for being here!

Thanks so much.  We love our members!  Being around such positive and wonderful people is one of the best things about our job.  We hope to be the best part of your day.  Hearing your suggestions helps us to hone in on our quest to be great!