Can Your Dog Make You a Healthier Person?

by Joe Adamson


You've all heard that a dog is man's best friend. Dogs can be great company, make you laugh, and provide a lighter side to life - all good and healthy stuff. Beyond that though, dogs can make you move more, walking in particular. My topic here really isn't dogs, or to persuade you to go out and adopt one - though it might not be a bad idea. I want to focus on walking. Hmmm, walking? You train hard, you probably do metabolic training in our Team Training program, you might even jog - what good would walking do?

One of my clients recently handed me a Men's Health magazine so that I could read an article about a man named Bobby Maximus, considered to be one of the most fit men alive. In regard to recovery, Bobby made the following comment about walking:

"A few years ago, I suddenly found myself lifting heavier and running faster. What changed? I'd recently adopted a dog, and I was walking an extra 30-60 minutes a day. A daily walk increases blood flow, helping you recover from tough workouts. It's also a low-impact way to burn a few more calories."

Kathy and I have always enjoyed getting out and walking. It usually feels good and helps me think clearer. It helps me decompress. I think Bobby's convinced me of what I already knew - walking is beneficial for multiple reasons. I'll pass on the dog, but I'm determined to make walking a bigger part of my health plan!