Improved Fitness is a Game of Runs

If you're of the impression that you are going to see improvements in your fitness every month, you'd best think again. Last night I watched the Golden State Warriors finish off the Cleveland Cavilers and win the NBA Finals Championship. In the 2nd quarter of that game the Warriors went on an amazing run, scoring something like 21 points to the Cavs' 2 points. That run made the difference in the game. Most of the rest of the game you could say that the Warriors only maintained, and sometimes lost ground.

Your fitness training is quite similar. Much of the year we are fortunate if we simply hold our ground and maintain our fitness! Demands at work may limit training time, motivation may wain, stress may take a toll on energy levels - you name it. Sickness and injury may actually take you backwards. Tendons can snap (I've had two snap!), allergies, viruses, and even poison oak can waylay your training.

So, at the end of the day, or maybe I should say the year, it may come down to a few days, weeks, or months that your fitness training was REALLY productive. For whatever reason, energy, motivation, time availability, sleep, and everything else gels, and you have an amazing fitness run. Your training feels awesome, your muscles are shredded, veins are appearing, and your heart feels like a machine! Oh baby, that feels sooooo good! Relish it, but don't expect it to last forever because fitness is a game of runs!