All About the Skinny Jeans Challenge!

When the Skinny Jeans Challenge launches on August 28th it will mark the Challenge's 7th straight year!  Fifty to sixty women typically participate in the Challenge which is divided into small groups of 6-9 women, each group guided by an Adamson's Peak Performance personal trainer.


What is the Skinny Jeans Challenge? 

The Challenge is to lose two jean sizes in 12 weeks!  Many women have successfully met the challenge with some losing even more!


What if I don't need to lose 2 sizes? 

Many of our participants have completed multiple Skinny Jeans programs and some are no longer seeking large body composition changes.  That's all right!  This program is also awesome for maintenance, for getting strong, or for getting shredded!


What if I have no workout experience? 

This program is appropriate for both beginners and intermediates.  We LOVE total beginners!  The transformation that this program can make in a total beginner is ridiculous! 


What is the program designed to accomplish? 

The SJ Challenge is a body transformation program meaning that in 12 weeks you may look very different!  The program is designed to build muscle, build strength, increase metabolism, improve eating habits, decrease body fat, reduce inches, and make you feel AMAZING!

To find out more about the Skinny Jeans Challenge call 221-8006 and ask for Amy (program director), Brook (Skinny Jeans director), or Joe.  We invite you to come tour our amazing training facility and find out more about Skinny Jeans and the rest of our fitness training services!

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