Be Prepared For Anything with Warrior Training

Seems that hybrid training is becoming very popular. Almost any fitness discipline you can think of is being fused with another in order to create a novel workout. There's nothing wrong with novel. Novel can be fun and interesting which can lead to sticking to a program longer and with more focus.  

However, when we started pondering the Warrior Training concept a year ago (yes, you're not the only one who procrastinates), we were looking for more than novel - we were looking for productive, challenging, edgy, intense, and time-efficient. We see the value in fitness boxing, strength training, and intense metabolic training, so why not blend the three into a hybrid like no other! Besides, we like to be the first, so why not be the first gym in Redding to introduce this killer fusion!

Warrior Training, which launches July 10th, will have a 6-week, 4-man squad format which will meet twice a week.  he workouts will build upon each other in both the learning of skills, and the training intensity. Strength training experience will be required, but no prior boxing experience is needed.  We'll also offer Warrior Training as a one-on-one option for those who prefer private training.

Whether you need to strike, lift, push, kick, jump, or just look amazing, Warrior Training will have you prepared for anything!