Don't Fall Victim to the Cancun Principle

by Joe Adamson

Years ago we had a prospective personal training client walk into the studio to discuss getting started with a personal trainer. The prospect met with my sales director, Steve, and was pretty excited about embarking on a journey to better health and fitness. When the conversation moved to setting a date for the prospect to begin training, there was a hesitation. The prospect was leaving for a vacation in Cancun in a couple weeks. Although Steve suggested getting started immediately and heading to Cancun with the fitness journey already begun, the prospect felt that it wouldn't be worthwhile to train for only a few sessions before leaving to vacation in Cancun for several days!

Consequently, the prospect told Steve that she'd be back to get started upon her return from Cancun. We're still waiting. We don't know what happened to Ms. Cancun - maybe she loved it and stayed there. We don't think so. You see, our prospect procrastinated when she should have acted. By the time she returned from Cancun nearly a month later, priorities had changed and the desire had died! From that point on Steve and I named this the Cancun Principle. When prospects would tell us they'd start after a trip, or a wedding, or whatever, we'd tell them the story behind the Cancun Principle. 

If you need to start a journey, start it! Don't check the weather, your schedule, your budget, your buddy, your mood, or your Facebook! Just start for crying out loud! If that means lacing up some trashed old shoes that you've been gardening in for the last 5 years and heading out for a 30 minute walk, then DO IT! Don't wait till you get back from Cancun - cause odd are, it'll never happen!

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