July Suggestion Box

Suggestion: Can we please get a StairMaster/Climber?  Thanks!  

A climber is something that we've considered.  It will not fit upstairs due to its height.  Downstairs there is really only one spot that one or two would fit.  We will continue to give it consideration as they are great.  We have several other pieces of equipment on our want list in line ahead of a climber.

Comment: Loved Brook's 12:15 Basic Training w/abs last Friday (this was awhile back).  Great class!  

Thank you and thanks to Brook!  

Suggestion: More fans upstairs.  It's just too hot!  

We currently have 4-5 fans upstairs but probably need another giant one.  I will look into it.

Comment: I love how clean the gym is kept. I love how the trainers are so well prepared, helpful, and kind. I love how the classes are challenging no matter the fitness level. Thank you for the filtered water. I'm thankful that staff is quickly willing to change the music when offensive songs come on. LOVE THIS GYM!!! 

Thanks so much!  We love the feedback - good or bad.

Comment: Thanks again for being so awesome!  Makes it easy to keep coming back!  

We want to be the best part of your day, every day!  We feel that a combination of customer service, cleanliness, neatness, color, smell, sound, professional training, and scientific programming make up the workout experience you'll have an Adamsons!