August Suggestion Box (Part 1)


Suggestion: It would be very nice to have a Wednesday Body Blast @ 9AM.  Also, self-defense classes please! 

We will be analyzing the Team Training class schedule this week as we get ready for our fall schedule. We seek to review the TT schedule quarterly in order to weed out the poorly attended classes and consider new ones. Specialty classes in self defense has been suggested. We'll be looking at the possibility, considering things such as equipment needs, insurance coverage, and whether it fits our company mission.

Suggestion: More Beast classes - 6AM and later.

I've been really happy to see such well attended Beast classes! Our new Beast category gives our extra motivated members an avenue of progression. As I mentioned in the previous suggestion, we're evaluating our class lineup this week as we prepare for fall.

Suggestion: Kids classes would be awesome!

Kids classes might be something we could look at next spring as we look forward to summer 2018.

Suggestion: More 9 AM classes! Tuesday or Wednesday Body Blast!

There seems to be a theme here! See my above comments.

Question: Do you have kid's memberships?

Great question. Kids can participate in personal training but we require that they be 16 to be a regular gym member. We occasionally make exceptions for teenagers if they're going to be working out with a parent. Also, we do allow 14 and 15 year-olds to participate in Team Training. We feel that it's very important that we protect our culture/environment at Adamsons. Just a handful of teenagers acting like knuckleheads could change the feel in a hurry!

Comment: Thank God for AC!

Yes!  We feel it's important!  Our summer bill can soar to over $3,000/month plus the inevitable repairs but we're in Redding! Cross your fingers and hope for a cooler summer next year!

Suggestion: One of the 'wipes' dispensers is broken. Can it be repaired? 

I'm sure it can. Sorry about that, I'll look into it.

Suggestion: What do you think about adding a 'weights' class back in the mornings and call it 'BodyBuild", or add 15 minutes of weights to Body Blast 2x a week?

I think that's definitely a possibility.  I'll consider it along with suggestions 1, 2, and 4 above.


Thanks everyone for your continued support and suggestions! Thanks also for your patience. We're always looking to improve our programming, equipment, and services but things take time.  One thing about the fitness industry is that it constantly changes. I think that willingness to change and be innovative has really helped us thrive over the years. This year I'm really doubling down on focus!  It's tempting to sometimes get going in so many directions that you don't do anything well. Consequently if we seem a bit resistant to jump into something new like self-defense, kid's classes, online training, etc it's probably because we're really trying to dial in on what we do best - Personal Training, Small Group Training, Team Training, and Skinny Jeans. Keep the suggestions coming! Oh yeah, be sure to enjoy all the new toys arriving this monthThe new Assault bikes are.....well.....wonderfully painful.