6 Great Reasons to Take skinny jeans body design!


Adamson's Peak Performance begins it's 7th annual 16-week Skinny Jeans Body Design on Monday and Tuesday, January 8 and 9! Over the years hundreds of women have participated - many seeing amazing transformations! SJBD is effective not because it contains some magic element, but rather because it contains 5 elements which, when activated by a liquid called sweat, works synergistically to transform the body!


Reason 1: Strength Training.  

Strength training forms the foundation of the program. Depending on the specific group, 2-3 strength training workouts/week are done. Building muscle and strength will sculpt the body, and increase metabolism - which in turn will help burn fat.


Reason 2: Nutrition.  

A three-stage nutrition program insures that the body is being properly fueled. It also insures that an appropriate caloric deficit is being maintained which will allow for consistent fat reduction.


Reason 3: Cardiovascular/Metabolic Training.  

High-intensity interval training workouts are valuable for burning calories, improving mobility and functional strength, and increasing cardiovascular fitness. These workouts are slowly added throughout the course.


Reason 4: Personal Assistance.  

Each group of 6-9 women are guided by an Adamson's Peak Performance personal trainer. Trainers provide accountability while teaching, coaching, motivating, and inspiring you. Additionally, our nutritionists are available to answer questions and keep your meal plans on track.


Reason 5: Nutritional Supplements.  

Supplements are optional but highly recommended. Foundational supplements will help to ensure that you're getting the essential nutrients for muscle growth, increased physical activity, and adequate recovery.


Reason 6: Change!

Over the years we've seen some amazing 16-week body transformations. Having a start date, an end date, and a clear path to an amazing body transformation is a really strong reason to get on board!  Isn't it time for you to get a brand new start?!


Skinny Jeans Body Design has 7 different class times available. Space is limited! Sign up today to reserve your spot!