A Brand New Start


Years ago I used the phrase "Get a Brand New Start" on some of my newspaper ads. I used to do three inch ads which were one column wide by three inches deep because that's about as big of an ad as I could afford. My 'phrase of hope' took up about half the ad space! Back when people actually read the newspaper, those tiny ads really worked!

Anyway, my brother helped me come up with the phrase and to this day it still resonates with me and I believe with many other people as well. There's just something refreshing, and hopeful about starting fresh. Maybe that's why I love mornings—because I get to start over each day no matter how badly that I botched the previous one!

This is the time of the year for new beginnings, brand new starts! Maybe a busy schedule, illness, personal problems, alcohol, depression, or even a death in the family has set you back and left you feeling unhealthy, out of shape, ugly, or even disgusted with yourself. Don't wallow in it; pick yourself up! It's the New Year! Fifty million people (I actually have no idea how many) will be hitting the gym looking for that Brand New Start! Come along bro!