A Successful Plan Doesn't Require Perfection!

I recently met with a despondent member. She was in despair about not being able to make certain workout sessions. I evaluated her work schedule, her availability to work out, and the classes which would be the most beneficial for her. Since she was brand new and hadn't been working out I assured her that three days per week was all she needed to shoot for.

My recommendation was two Small Group Personal Training (strength) sessions and one Foundations (slightly less intense than AfterBurn) session. I suggested that she mix and match them in any way that worked. Do three days in a row if that's the only schedule that works! Just do three workouts!

Sometimes we overthink working out. We're not professional athletes, just move. Move what you can, when you can. If feels great to move so make it fun! We'll help with the rest. 

Go move your body around today. Don't try to be perfect, just worry about that somewhere down the road. All we want is for you to move.