August Suggestion Box


Suggestion: Deadlift Platform? Please. While we’d like to add a platform down the road, it is not currently on the radar. Is your main concern that you want to lift heavy and be able to drop the weight? We do have a couple extra rubber mats located at the power rack that are there to protect the floor and dampen the sound as the weights come down. The other option might be to use the bumper plates and go out onto the turf with the rubber mats. That would dampen the sound while protecting the turf. Without knowing more about what you want to do with the platform it’s hard to help problem solve.

Suggestion: Would love a Punch class with Maria! We are in the process of re-evaluating our Team Training program with the goal of rolling out a new and improved program in mid-October. In the meantime we can take a look at offering some short-term fitness boxing.

Suggestion: Self-defense was great. More please! We’ll look at the schedule and evaluate the possibility of another 6-week program.

Suggestion: Any chance there is a water bottle attachment for the Air Runners? It would be awesome to not have to interrupt a run to get water. We can take a look!

Comment: Thank you for the SJ cardio classes. I need the extra workouts and am more likely to go when it’s a scheduled class. The mainstream classes are too advanced for me and I am likely to hurt myself. Thanks for providing the class that pushes me hard but at my level. You’re welcome — wish we’d have done it sooner!

Suggestion: Bring Don back in the mornings. Whatever it takes get him back — his energy has left a hole. Well, I’d love to have Don back too but I think getting up at 4 AM for 5+ years just became too much as he began to build his landscaping business. We are still working on a replacement for Don. Unfortunately there’s no one quite like big Don!

Comment: Can’t stand MSNBC or CNN upstairs. Move the cardio to a more non-Trump sucks section! I’m sorry that you’ve been stuck with those stations! That must really suck the life out of you! We have remote controls up there and you’re welcome to change the channels. I’ll try to make sure that we have some alternative TV stations on.

Suggestion: love the instagram videos. How about filming mini’s of the SJ workouts and rotate them on a screen in the SJ area? Seriously, that’s a great idea. I had plans to do something like that a couple years ago. One of our problems is that we have so many irons in the fire that we just can’t get to all the cool stuff that we want to do!

Suggestion: We need Member of the Month parking. Hmm. Might be kinda cool. Maybe winning the month’s challenge would be another way to get the spot!But…don’t hold your breath on this one.

Comment: the new SJ floor arrangement could accommodate high traffic stations better. The row machines are not a main component yet they are taking up prime floor space. Sometime we re-arrange the space based on the workouts for a specific phase. They probably won’t stay there.

Suggestion: Play more country music during team workouts. Yeehaw!! By and large country music isn’t a great fit with Team Training — I know we do it at times but I’m not sure how many people are cringing and dying while it’s playing. Sorry, I’m not making any promises.

Suggestion: It would be really awesome if you guys stayed open later. I know that mainstream gyms are open later. I think that we’re open as late or later than most training gyms. We would like to grow a couple hundred more members. Doing so would open allow us to seriously consider this option. I realize that some would say that if we expanded hours it would cause a membership increase but I haven’t found that to be the case for Adamsons.

Comment: Brook’s SJ workout was great! I think you’re referring to her coaching? Great! Appreciate your feedback. If you’re referring to the workouts themselves — thanks (I wrote those)!

Suggestion: Whether you’re a trainer or a student taking a class and you sweat a lot please carry a towel with you to cover the mat or ball. No one wants to come behind you with your pile of sweat. Just common courtesy. Please and thanks. True story, thank you for the reminder.

Comment: I love Amy’s drawings in the SJ book. Amy’s an amazing artist.