august/september suggestion box

1. What's with the water bottles that are thrown in the garbage? Maybe it would be a good idea to recycle!  Done. We now have a recycle container at the front door.

2. Don is amazing. Yeah, we think so too!

3. Suggestion: Pictures and names of all of the APP staff on the web site. Yes, we agree. We'll work on that. Our trainer page needs updating and we feel that our entire staff is amazing!

4. Suggestion: V-neck t-shirts for women. Sounds good, we'll try to include those on the next order.

5: A 4 PM or 4:30 PM Team Training class two or so times a week would be great! I love the 2 extra days you've added small group, by the way.  A lot of that depends upon demand. We're always looking at what classes and time slots work well and which ones may need a change or deletion. At the same time we try not to tweak too often as it can frustrate and confuse members. We'll keep it in mind, some of our 6 PMs aren't well attended so we could consider swapping a couple.

6. Install Olympic lifting platform to prevent injuries from setting heavy weight on the ground.  We'll do some research.

7. Comment: Speakers are cracking on the lower floor. Thanks for the heads up. Matthew Roberts, our tech guy will check them out on Saturday.

8. Now that school is back in session would you consider adding a Friday AM Afterburn TT class like @ 9:30 AM? I have a couple other ladies that would also attend this day and time. We tried it this summer a couple days with almost no participation. We've talked about trying again now that school is in; typically we give these things a one month trial before committing. 

9. Bring back Restore Saturday AM after Foundations class. Unfortunately I think you'd be the only one in the class. Amy and I are going to talk about the possibility of restoring Restore. Unlikely at that time slot though. One concept that I've been mulling over is including some mobility and/or yoga flow at the beginning and/or end of some of the classes rather than an entire class dedicated to it.

10. Clock: Recently we had a request for a large clock with seconds. We just added a mobile one to the Skinny Jeans area. If you pack it elsewhere please return it! 

We also had a request(s) for a heavier kettlebell. We now have two 32 Kg kettlebells. 
We also had requests for ankle straps for doing cable leg work.  Done.