August/September Suggestion Box


Comment: Maria is the best trainer ever! Great motivator & knows her stuff! She is awesome!
Thank you all for working with my hectic schedule! Being a professional MMA fighter, Maria definitely knows how to pack a punch! Many members may not know that one-on-one fitness boxing is available and is a great way to supplement your more traditional training.

Suggestion: Amber's pilates/yoga class was great! Hope you add her classes! Yes, I took that trial class and totally agree. I will be looking to see if we can fit her in on one of the days that she's available!

Suggestion: Warriors need t-shirts please! OK Warriors, it looks like you all got together and stuffed the suggestion box! Hmmm. I'll have to think about that one.  Oh — and you want a big fan too!? Since when do warriors get the comforts of home? ;-)

Suggestion: Open Sundays and offer classes. Get a pool. Unfortunately neither of these are feasible for us right now. Because we are a specialty gym with a small membership base, a huge building, and a limited staff we believe that our current hours are right for us at this time. We will continue to review our business hours as we grow.

Suggestion: Back extension machine for general use. Yes, we plan to get another back extension machine this next year. With about $12,000 in new equipment in the last 2 months Kathy has put Jordan and me on a spending freeze. Man! It was fun while it lasted!

Suggestion: 7 PM class!!! I've never had this one in the box before. Give me more details. Our members generally clear out by 7 PM making our last hour pretty quiet. I'd be very concerned about attendance.  

Comment: Reasons I love this gym: 1) Boxing, 2) It's colorful, 3) feels like family, 4) We're always learning and being stretched, 5) The trainers are super fun, love what they do, and are amazing, 6) The workouts are always new, fun, and exciting, and 7) the workouts get results — never had results like these before! Wow, thank you! This is our mission here at Adamson's and I'm so glad to hear that you're loving it. Please invite your friends!

Thanks all, 

Feel free to add your suggestions and comments!  
The suggestion box is on the bar counter near the drinking fountain.