Don't Discount Progress!

One of my favorite fitness phrases is "Fitness is a Journey, not a Destiny." Keep this in mind on a daily basis. We're not trying to reach the destination tomorrow, or even the next day. Don't look at yourself in the mirror and declare "I'm a whale!" Remember, negative self talk is counterproductive! Instead, try looking at yourself in the mirror and say "Wow, I've come a looong way! I've got a ways to go, I'll take another small important step today, AND, I'm going to have a good time doing it!"

Every once in a while look back at the progress that you've made. Pull out the pictures that you have of when you actually were a "whale" and do some comparisons.  Say "Hey, I've got a challenging journey ahead of me but dude, I've come a stinking long way! Look at the cliffs that I've scaled; It's changed my life! I might even live a couple extra years, but regardless, I'm adding a boatload of life to my years!"

The other day a couple people complimented me as I was training. You know, that really inspired and motivated me to try even harder. Try to compliment someone at the gym today. Remind them of the progress that you've seen them achieve! Your comment may be a much needed piece of their fitness journey!