Don't Let Comparison Rob You


Comparison is the thief of joy. Do you ever catch yourself comparing yourself to others? Of course you do, we all do it. You may be particularly inclined to make comparisons when it comes to your fitness and your body. Each of us needs to understand that when it comes to fitness and the body, we are only in competition with ourselves. We are each in a different stage of our fitness journey, a journey which should bring joy, fun, satisfaction, and happiness to our hearts.

Use comparison to help inspire, motivate, teach, and direct your journey; but don't let it sabotage the joy of training, or the satisfaction of seeing wonderful results! I recently saw a sign in a store which read "Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful." I love that phrase because physical beauty comes in so many forms, not just the standard supermodel, malnourished look portrayed in many of the ads we see today.

Working out gives me a wonderful sense of satisfaction and joy. There will always be someone who is bigger, faster, stronger, leaner, and looks far better — Cool! I can use those  people to inspire me to train harder — and I do! Be sure to enjoy each step of your journey and to celebrate each victory, whether it's an inch lost off your waist or one second faster on your February Ladder Fitness Challenge. 

Don't allow comparison to rob you of the joy you should be experiencing in the gym each day. The journey is half the fun. Your fitness journey will lead you to wonderful destinations, but you MUST be happy BEFORE you arrive! Train inspired my friends!