Don't Let Your Small Fries Grow Up to be Couch Potatoes


Growing up today ain't like it used to be. Remember those endless summers full of swimming, riding bikes, shooting hoops, acorn fights against the neighbors, and neighborhood kick-the-can games after dark?! Well today's kids have a little different routine—one that's not nearly as active.

As adults—moms, dads, grandparents, or whoever, you never know what little eyes are watching. Let's be sure to model the active fitness lifestyle to the upcoming generation. Whether it be hiking, fishing, soccer, running, snowboarding,  or kart racing, let's involve our kids as well as encourage them to turn off the video game and GET OUT! When kids get out and run, kick, walk, throw, jump, climb, crawl, swing, swim, skip, hop, and hey, maybe even punch (just not their sister), they'll become happier, healthier, and more complete individuals. 

It's no news that America's youth are headed for big trouble if they don't make a change. Inactivity and fast food are predicted to do major damage to the health of this generation. Let's lead by example! Exercise in some form or another is for everyone—so get out and go!