Five Reasons Why Every Woman Should Strength Train


I believe that strength training should be the foundation of every woman's training regimen. Here are five solid reasons why:

  1. It will make you strong. Every woman needs strength to function well. Strength helps in sports, it helps in recreational activities such as skiing and hiking, it helps in lifting kids and grandkids in and out of car seats, and even in just getting up off the floor. Don't think that because you're young, you're strong, or because you're older you can't get strong — neither are the case. If you're not strength training, you're not strong.
  2. Strength training builds muscle. Muscle is metabolically active tissue and every pound of muscle you gain will burn an additional 35–50 calories per day! Build five pounds of muscle and you may be burning up to an additional 250 calories per day, or 1,750 a week. That's a half a pound, girl! I'd suggest you drop and start doing push-ups right now!
  3. Use it or lose it! Every decade starting in your 30's you're going to lose muscle. If my memory serves me correctly it can be up to a pound a year — yikes!  Want to look like your grandma? If the answer is no then I'd pick up a kettlebell and start doing goblet squats right now! It's not too late.
  4. Strength training delivers a LOT of bang for your effort. Who doesn't want to be efficient with their use of time and get maximum benefit when you work out? It's much easier to drag yourself to the gym when you KNOW that great results will reward your efforts. In fact, you may find yourself LOOKING FORWARD to getting to the gym!  Not only does strength training make you stronger and build important calorie-burning muscle, but it will also spare muscle from being used for energy for those of you on calorie-restrictive diets, AND it results in significant post-exercise calorie burning as your body recovers and rebuilds. These are some STRONG bennies, ladies!

  5. Strength training will make you look amazing. Words like lean, toned, athletic, sculpted, and sexy come to mind here. Muscle is awesome, fat is not as awesome. Say good-bye to bat wings and muffin tops (not too awesome) and hello to sculpted shoulders and calves (very awesome).

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