Fourth Quarter Approaching Fast!


Ok Peak Freaks, I know it's hard to believe but summer's over and so is the third quarter! Kids are back in school, leaves are falling, football is on TV, and the year is about to enter the fourth quarter! In a football game, the team that digs deep in the fourth quarter typically wins! The weak teams try to just hang on while the strong teams keeping driving, and working hard despite pain and fatigue — persevering until that final whistle.

Just like a football game is often won or lost based on fourth quarter performance, our fitness progress can be enhanced or lost based on our habits, actions, and perseverance down the final stretch of 2018. Do you want to reach your fitness goals or come up a few yards short of the goal line? If you're anything like to me, you probably have some fourth quarter work to do. I started the year off with five fitness goals — one related to body composition, one related to cardio endurance, and three related to strength. I've pretty much accomplished two of the strength goals, but three of the goals still need a lot of work!

These last couple weeks of September are a great time to review progress, analyze the year's goals, and come up with a fourth quarter strategy. This is also a good time to modify any goals that may need adjustment. I had to adjust one of mine a couple months ago when I could see that it wasn't realistic. If you plan now, a lot can be accomplished coming down the final stretch. There are far too many distractions in October, November, and December to think that you can just wing it and see a high degree of fitness success.

Here are some final thoughts:
1) If you never made any fitness goals for 2018, do it now. Set some goals for the final 15 weeks of the year and action steps to achieve them. 
2) Be sure to have fun and enjoy working out. Setting goals should not be at the expense of enjoying our physical activity. 
3) Lastly, listen to your body. Reaching a goal at the expense of your health, job, or family usually isn't worth it. Adjust your goals and fitness habits, and workout schedule as needed. Let's keep driving hard through the entire fourth quarter! After all, we work out at Adamson's Peak Performance!