Fun New Toys ARE HERE!

One of our goals at Adamson's Peak Performance is to make exercise fun and effective, and sometimes that means adding new toys to the mix as well as upgrading specific areas of the gym.

Last month we added a new set of dumbbells to the Small Group Personal Training area which is located just behind the cardio equipment upstairs. This month we're further enhancing the SGPT area with the addition 10 and 14 kg kettlebell sets, a landmine (core trainer), and a half rack! If you haven't checked out this area and seen the upgrades you should wander up there and take a look!  For that matter, if you're not involved in one of our personal training programs (private or small group) please look into it. These strength based workouts can form the foundation on which to build any type of fitness program.

Other new fitness toy arrivals include new 45, 25 and 10 lb bumper plates, ankle straps for lower body cable work, and an orange 32 Kg kettlebell — the heaviest kettlebell ever to reside at Adamsons! The Skinny Jeans area will see the addition of our first ever 15 kg women's Olympic barbell.  The women's Oly bars are 10 pounds lighter and are slightly smaller in diameter.  

Making constant upgrades is  just one way that we show our commitment  to being the best training center in Redding — period. We don't take that lightly.   We transform bodies and lives; that's what we do! Thanks for being a part of it!