Get Your Mind Right


What is it that determines success or failure in a workout program? Why does one person succeed and another fail? How is it that two non-exercising individuals who begin training at the same time have such different outcomes? The first person, though he began with eager enthusiasm, has thrown in the towel inside a month's time, while the other person is still going strong ten years later...

What makes the difference? Did the successful person hire a personal trainer? Did the unsuccessful person get injured and discouraged? What in the world makes the difference? I'll tell you what it is. The person who threw in the towel was not mentally in the game, and never was. He simply did not, for whatever reason, get his mind right. It may be that he watched a movie where the star actor had a great set of abs, and joined a gym on a sudden emotional whim. Or possibly he incurred a tragic hardship through his fitness journey... but more likely is that he didn't mentally commit to making the necessary sacrifices to achieve his goal. He didn't want it bad enough, had no tenacity, and just like that he quit.

Haven't we all done something in our lives halfheartedly? How did that turn out for you? Chances are neither our heart nor mind were right and if anything done in this manner ever works, it's probably sheer luck.

The second person in our scenario, who stuck to the exercise program long enough to see some initial success and turn exercise into a lifestyle, was able to get his mind right. Chances are he considered the cost of his time, energy, and money worthy of the benefits he'd receive. He likely realized that anything worthwhile is hard work. He planned to succeed, not leave it to chance. He scheduled his workouts in his day planner, went to bed on time, packed his lunch, set some goals, visualized his outcome, chose his training plan, and then stuck to the plan, and most of all, he believed he could. HE GOT HIS MIND RIGHT!

Obstacles are a given — tendinitis, stubborn fat that won't come off, sickness, job loss, non-supportive family members, addictions, broken relationships, and hectic schedules, just to name a few!  You can bluff your way through your workouts putting in half-efforts, and getting no results while your mind is far away on another galaxy; or you can get your mind right and enjoy the amazing benefits of health and fitness for a lifetime! What you focus on and what you believe are the keys to success. It's all a matter of the mind.