Have a Plan — a Flexible One!


One of the keys to fitness success is to have a plan. What movements or muscles are you going to train today? What is the objective of today's training session? What will the length of the workout be? How intense will you train today? How does today's workout fit into this month's goals? Some of you are already rolling your eyes thinking "How basic, I'm way past that! I'm measuring how many grams of carbohydrate that I'm taking in per minute during my workout and taking blood lactic acid samples following my workouts!" Others of you are having panic attack wondering if everything you've done to date is a waste because you have no answers to the above questions!

RELAX!! I know that most of you aren't running the Boston Marathon next week; and very few of you will be walking onto a physique contest stage in the next month. For the average member at Adamson's, wanting to look great, feel amazing, and move painlessly, it isn't necessary to have your training dialed in to the nearest gram of sugar, the exact percentage of your 1-rep max, or to know at what heart rate you reach your anaerobic threshold!

That said, have a plan. Walk into the gym with a purpose! Recently one of our members requested help setting up a structured routine. She admitted having no clue what she was doing and was just wandering the gym for 45 minutes til she gave herself permission to go home! We both got a good laugh with that admission. Hey, APP trainers work here because they like to help people succeed. You need a plan so hire a trainer for just one session or, like one of my clients, for 24 years ;-) . We'll help you set up an exercise plan (or  many!) that will keep you on track and give you a purpose for each workout.

With that said, our advice is to don't get too rigid — you don't have to do every rep of every set of every exercise just because it's on your workout sheet. Have fun! Skip an exercise and throw in something new if you're not feeling it on a particular day. Go easier if your body is fatigued or change the order of the exercises if you wish. The key is to have a plan and show up at the gym ready to go to battle, but to have fun doing it. Don't wander the gym aimlessly for 45 minutes anymore! Spend your time efficiently and have a fit, lean, athletic body to show for it!

Keep pushing,