Three high-impact ideas for 2019

We all want results. Furthermore we all know that a magic pill that will make us lean, strong, and healthy overnight doesn’t exist. However, we also know that AMAZING results ARE possible with the right discipline and strategy. Bottom line, a lot of little things done right over a long period of time is ultimately what brings success.

That said, some strategies definitely yield better and faster results than others so it makes sense to address them first. In my most recent radio 1-minute fitness tip I shared three high-impact ideas that could help ramp up your fitness success in 2019!

Idea 1: Do something active every day. Yep, exercise six or seven days per week even if it’s as little as a 20-minute walk. I used to work for an obsessive compulsive boss who implemented this and it changed his life and his body! I believe he racked up over 5,000 straight days of exercise before his streak was broken. Think you can top that? I do!

Idea 2: Join an exercise group or class. This could be our Team Training, a Skinny Jeans class, a walking club, or a group of friends who play basketball every week — whatever. Being part of a tribe will help you to be more consistent.

Idea 3: Include high intensity exercise in your routine at least 1–2 times each week. High intensity interval training (HIIT) isn’t just for youngsters. It’s been shown to have profound benefits to people of all ages. Team Training classes, and doing fast/slow runs on a treadmill are examples of high-intensity training. I personally include a couple Team Training classes in my weekly routine for the cardiovascular conditioning and calorie burning they provide. The MyZone system really complements HIIT training and gives immediate feedback. Bonus — HIIT training will have you burning extra calories for hours after the workout!

Try one or all three of these high-impact ideas and let us know how it goes!