Three MORE HIgh-Impact Fitness Ideas for 2019


In my last blog I listed three fitness ideas that I feel could have a high-impact on your fitness in 2019. As I mentioned before, there aren’t too many magic pills out there — it’s usually doing a lot of smaller things well for an extended period of time that makes for great gains in the long run. There are however, some ideas which when carried out, can really make a difference! Have you ever seen someone you haven’t seen in months or years who just blows you away? They look amazing and you’re hardly able to recognize them. These folks have each successfully practiced one or more high-impact strategy to make the most of their fitness transformation.

Idea 4: Take the 12-month Precision Nutrition (PN) course. You can take the course through Adamsons and have Brook New as your coach, or you can take it directly through PN and utilize one of their coaches. PN is a life-style based nutrition program which seeks to have you practice one new nutritional habit every two weeks. The information offered through the lessons arrive in your email inbox each morning is amazing and life-changing. I expect that we’ll begin our next PN group in February so you can be watching for an announcement.

Idea 5: Set some fitness/nutrition goals for 2019. You’re not going to hit a target that doesn’t exist so aim for something! Maybe you’re thinking “I don’t want to put that much pressure on myself.” Hey, this is just for you and you alone. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t quite achieve the goal. Even when you fall short on a goal, you probably made progress. I had 5 goals for 2018. I achieved two and missed three. I’ll hit it again this year and reel in the ones I missed! Goals add purpose to your training and feel really good when you achieve them. If you’re new to this I suggest you set just three goals and make one of them to train 10 times each month for the entire year. Our Perfect 10 program will reward you for doing just that!

Idea 6: Eliminate all caloric beverages from your diet. OK, I’ve really ticked you off now! Hey, it’s just a super high-impact idea, but it’s okay to modify. Allow a specific number of exceptions if you’d like but sticking to this general rule will prove to have high impact if you’re working toward a body fat reduction goal.

Ok Peak Freaks, there’s three more high-impact ideas for 2019. See you in the gym!