I'm Thankful to God For.....

As I was listening to Dave Ramsey's radio show yesterday I was reminded that Abraham Lincoln was the one responsible for establishing Thanksgiving Day as an official day to Give Thanks to God. In the midst of a horrific civil war he realized the blessings of God and believed it was fitting to establish a day to give thanks.

I could think of a million things today to give thanks for, but a few things stand out. I'm thankful for trials; I kinda hate them but I know that they make me stronger. Last Thanksgiving really marked the beginning of a steep and very scary collapse of my health. I'm very thankful that God has provided healing and recovery from many of the symptoms. I'm thankful for Dr. Solkovits, Dr. Peery, Dr. Davis, Dr. Shearer, Dr. Peters, and other medical professionals who've been an incredible encouragement and help.

I thank God for really great friends—friends that showed me what being a friend is all about; friends that really care. Having supportive friends is very cool. One friend (I think he's in Texas) texted and said something like "Hey, how you doing?" I said "not so good..."  He said "I didn't think so...I thought of you and prayed for you on the elevator today."  Wow, I hadn't told him a thing!

Lastly, I thank God for the safe arrival of two little munchkins, Bru and Emma this year! How cool to have my 2nd grandson, and first granddaughter born this year! I plan to hang out with them today and give them hundreds of kisses. Thank you God!