Is Team Training the Fountain of Youth?


One of the common themes in exercise science research has been "intensity." In a New York Times article, Gretchen Reynolds detailed the career and physiology of a French centenarian who took up competitive cycling as a retiree and began setting age-group records. But after a physiologist revamped the Frenchman's training adding some strenuous pedaling, he bettered his own records, and at the age of 103, set a new world mark for the most miles pedaled in an hour by a centenarian. Wow!

In a Mayo Clinic study, Reynolds reports that scientists compared differences in gene expression inside muscle cells after younger and older people had completed various types of workouts. The greatest differences were seen in the operations of the genes after people had done high-intensity interval training for 12 weeks. In young people 275 genes were firing differently after 12 weeks of intense training, while in people older than 64, more than 400 genes were working differently — many of those were genes known to be related to the health and aging of cells!

Fitness programming such as our Team Training classes provide the high intensity needed to trigger these awesome physiological changes! Of course intensity is relative, and we're each at our own fitness level but the key is to progressively increase intensity so that your body has an opportunity to adapt gradually. Our Team Training classes (Fit-Lite, Basic Training, Body Blast, and Beast) adapt to 4 different levels of intensity so that you can choose a class that fits your needs and then work your way to Beast if you so choose!

Is Team Training the Fountain of Youth? It certainly appears to play an important role in staying young!  

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