January Suggestion Box


Suggestion: It would be nice to have a plastic baggie provided to put wet, sweaty clothes into when done working out. Thanks for the suggestion. Our workouts do cause a lot of sweat! We’ll table this one for now and see how strong the need is.

Suggestion: Add a fitness boxing class to Team Training. Good news! We have a second 6-Week Skinny Jeans Boxing Boot Camp scheduled for early February. In the past our BoxFit Team Training classes were quite small and we found that offering fitness boxing through specialty programs such as Warrior Training and Boot Camps seemed to be more popular. That said, we’ve had multiple requests and are considering adding back to TT.

Suggestion: Love it here. Only thing I miss from my old gym is a stair stepper. It would put this place over the top! We have had several requests for stair steppers. If I get to IHRSA in San Diego in March I will test drive the various brands. We typically like to purchase two of a kind when we make a large cardio machine investment. At over $5K apiece, we’re looking at an investment of around eleven grand. We’d like to purchase a couple this year but can’t promise!

Suggestion: Please!! Change up the 5:15 classes with some NEW exercises. We do the same stuff all the time. Thank you! We realize that some of you do Team Training 4–5 days per week so variety becomes more important to you than for someone who might do two strength training workouts and two Team Training workouts. My TT staff met just a week ago to discuss how to take what we feel is a great Team Training program and make it even better. I won’t go into all of the ideas here, but for starters the trainers are going to try to communicate each other’s workouts better in order to avoid excessive exercise repetition. Because so many of our members do 3–5 classes per week, we have also discussed moving away from the balanced full-body workouts we currently do, to workouts emphasizing lower body, or upper body, or core, etc depending on the day of the week.

Comment: Thank you for the pull-up machine — I feel heard. I’m pretty confident in saying that we really try to listen to our clients and we take your comments seriously and personally. We obviously can’t act on everything immediately — sometimes it may be years, but we hear you! In recent months we have added two elliptical machines and 5 pieces of strength equipment — the assisted dip/chin machine you’re referring to being one of the five!

Suggestion: New T-shirts. Ladies V-neck, feminine style/print. We’ve started working on a new 25-year anniversary shirt which I’d like to be really special!

Suggestion: Wish the clocks had a second hand. Love how they are bigger but I miss that second hand! We have purchased 3–4 of the digital portable clocks with the real big numbers. I think that most of them are upstairs but we certainly don’t mind if they are moved around a bit. We may need to purchase a couple more.

Suggestion: Please have T-shirts for Skinny Jeans in January, not bracelets. I can wear the t-shirt to workout. I can’t workout with a bracelet. T-shirts are more motivating. We will be going back to t-shirts! We’ve purchased our t-shirts for 25 years from my brother’s company which had some disruption in August and September which led to bracelets. Be sure to wear that bracelet out to dinner!

Suggestion: Please keep Basic Training going over the holidays no matter how many show up — I’ll even pay extra. We did!!! Basic Training has been growing! Thank you for attending! (PS we wish you weren’t moving away! We’ll miss you Barbara!)

Suggestion: Hi Guys, Just a heads up that the ladies’ showers could use a good cleaning. Hair in the drains, backed up water, etc. No bueno. When we got your message we put the snake right to work and pulled out those nasty clogs of hair! Thanks for the heads up and we apologize!

Suggestion: Beer Please!! Nice try! You’ll have to go to the food truck court for that! Alcohol lowers testosterone — trust me, you don’t want that!

Pick up heavy stuff!