July Suggestion Box

Hey the suggestions just keep streaming in — which is great! This is your gym so we want to know what you want! Following are some of the suggestions and my responses:

1. A finisher at the end of every workout to push those who are willing to stay after a bit.  We are starting to do more anaerobic finishers and team building finishers at the end of workouts. There is something satisfying about concluding with a finisher. 

2. Babysitting on Saturdays. We don't have the demand right now but we'll keep an eye on that. Having babysitting during the 8:30 to 10:30 AM time period on Saturdays might allow more members to attend our Saturday workouts. However being $400 to $500 per month in the red with babysitting makes it difficult to add more expense and coverage.

3. I love the morning workouts but absolutely hate the music. Music is an extremely difficult issue because everyone's taste is different. I'll admit, I sometimes hate the music in my own gym! Anything with rap makes me just want to scream. I actually enjoy training in complete silence at times — it's awesome! Anyway, we are going to work on the music situation. At some point I think that we need to survey everyone to get a better idea of what's really desired. Please let us know what you don't like so that we have more to go on.

4. Yoga/stretching classes. We've unsuccessfully offered yoga in the past. Our stretching/restoration team training class was very poorly attended. It's not that we don't believe in restorative type exercise — believe me we do— we just haven't come up with the right formula for incorporating it.

5. More nice spin bikes please. Yes, the majority of our spin bikes could probably be in a cardio museum. I'm an equipment freak so they are on my radar. Unfortunately they are trailing some other cardio pieces on the needs list but if you don't give up on us we do expect to upgrade at some point.

6. A giant digital clock with seconds so that we can time our workouts. We may be able to use our existing clock for this purpose, I'll check. That would be great if we could.

That's it for now guys! I know I didn't get to every suggestion...this may have to become a twice a month blog!